Endodontics, also known as ducts treatment consists of removing the infections from the interior of the tooth as well as protecting the tooth from future infections, and it is performed in the tooth nerve and flesh.

The Endodontics treatment implies the complete removal of everything that is found in the duct or track of the root of the tooth. The hollow zone is cleaned and disinfected with little spinning instruments and a disinfectant solution used as irrigator inside the duct. An inert filling, such as gutapercha, is used to refill the hollow space, along with eugenol cement. After the Endodontics therapy, the tooth gets devitalized. The patient will not feel any pain in the tooth due to the fact that the nerve tissue and the infection would be removed.

There is usually a certain fear that patients suffer when they think of getting an Endodontics treatment done. This fear is unnecessary since the procedure is painless, when it is carried out by a well trained dental surgeon.

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