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Welcome to Dental Clinic

our smile is your style, it’s what you are, and the perfect beauty accessory that travels with you everywhere you go. Your smile deserves the best in cosmetic dentistry and there is only one place; Dental House. It’s located at the unquestionable epicenter of cosmetic dental excellence at national and international levels, with the best technological advances in global dentistry.

Dental House Playa has been designed especially for Dental Tourism. Anything from a simple checkup or cleaning to digital x-rays, root canals, titanium or zirconium implants or a extreme dental makeover – all dental procedures in just one place!

Dental House History

We are proud to have four experienced professionals whom are truly capable of transforming everyday smiles into permanent works of art. In northern Mexico, the city of Torreon, also called “the pearl of the lagoon”; Dental House has been discovered by patients from all over the world. Renamed by our patients as “the diamond in the desert”,  their experiences have transformed their lives through a “New Diamond Smile”.

The elite dental specialists group from Dental House was founded by Dr. Luis Delgado from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.  He is recognized for his ability to create smiles and masterpieces in just 4 days. Also well known for his experience in attending patients from all over the world. Dr. Delgado is joined by the famous Dr. Carlos Alberto Barocio Sada from Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico; widely known for being innovative and a pioneer in acquiring the highest world class 3D technology.  He is also known and trusted for his expertise in Implantology and cosmetic dentistry. Together, both doctors have more than 20 years of dental experience. They joined forces to create a superior concept in the fascinating Dental Tourism industry.

Dental House New Office in Playa

Based on their great success in Torreon, Mexico, they come back together to open the first Dental House franchise for Dental Tourism in Playa del Carmen. Dr. Delgado and Dr. Barocio combine elegance and practical functions into a way that captures the true essence of beauty in your smile.

Dental House has the latest technology in its own dental lab, with brand new Cerec 3D CAD/CAM 4.2 software. All of the procedures are totally digitalized in 3D and automated for the creation of the aesthetic restorations, from a porcelain veneer to a full transformation of your smile in only 4 days!

Your expectations will be exceeded by our experience, knowledge and technology. We are proud to be the leader in this specialized dentistry field and always keep our feet on the ground and pay close attention to details. Overjoyed patients from Mexico, United States, New Zealand, Australia, Estonia, Hungary, Canada, France, New England, South Africa and Kenya, have experienced the passion that Dental House Doctors have for their work in cosmetics dentistry in a unique and customized way.