4 Day Dental Extreme Makeover

We Create Full Mouth Restorations in Just 4 DAYS!

To create this amazing extreme dental makeover experience for our patients in Playa del Carmen, we have the support of our OWN 3D lab in Torreon City. This leading edge technology has a 4 axis milling machine; we can guarantee at least 300 zirconium crowns a day.

Can you imagine having a perfect smile in just one day?
CEREC 3D is a mobile computer device that includes CAD-CAM German technology.  It uses a camera that captures the arrangements made to the dental pieces in 3D (three dimension); then produces ceramic restorations in one session “In-House”, without needing to find an available dental laboratory.

How it works:
For Example; if we needed 28 zirconium or porcelain crowns for a particular makeover; once we prepare the teeth, we take an optical impression and we send this impression to our headquarter lab in Torreon City, Mexico (sent electronically).  They immediately start with the design and milling of your crowns. Once we have your crowns ready, our dental ceramists (trained in Zahnfabrik Germany for VITA Company) flies to Playa del Carmen with your crowns to give the last, personalized details and makes any final adjustments (if they are needed).

nce we have prepared the piece for restoration, we take an optical impression, and it will appear on the computer screen in 3D. Later, the software will design the 3D image of the restoration on the screen, making it easier to modify anything the patient is not pleased with. When the design is approved, the computer sends the information to a robot that shapes a ceramic piece that matches the color of the patient’s teeth, and in 20 minutes, the job is done. After that we proceed to cement the restoration inside the patient’s mouth. The most spectacular wonder is to see it with your own eyes how the restorations are made with the use of this technology.


We manufacture more than 400 Zirconia crowns per day!

We are world leaders in technology with OUR OWN state of the art laboratory; unequaled in Mexico and unique in all of North America.  We are able to complete your treatment in the same day (or very few days) while your dentist at home contracts outside laboratories that could take weeks.  Dental House has invested over a Million Dollars in this technology to ensure the best and quickest return for our valued customers.  The laboratory manager will bring your appliance to you during treatment to ensure perfection of fit and aesthetic match.  This enables us to treat you faster and with greater precision than any other (known) facility in the world.